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Video download options from our Minneapolis, Minnesota team

Whatever your tastes when it comes to music, entertainment and pop culture, you're sure to find videos that you love among WXCD TV!'s extensive collection.

Featuring exciting talent

WXCD TV! is proud to be able to showcase talent in a variety of forms. We've talked to and taped performances by artists who have appeared on shows such as America's Got Talent, The Voice and Dancing With the Stars.

You're invited to take your time looking through the videos featured here on this page — watching one or more of them could make your day!

World Exposure with Cher Dial

WXCD TV! is also delighted to feature episodes of "World Exposure with Cher Dial." As the name suggests, these videos shine a spotlight on a range of entertainers and artists who come from all over the globe.

Remember, talent isn't available in just one city, one country or one region — so why should your entertainment choices be similarly limited?

The search continues

At the moment, we continue to look across the country and around the world in order to find exciting talent to share with you.

It's exciting when we get the opportunity to provide a platform for up-and-coming entertainers. And perhaps your big break will come here with us on WXCD TV!
If you're an up-and-coming artist, call us: (224) 676-8042!
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